Welcome To Ipsi

This blog hopes to give you more information about IPSI, an independent Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy practice based in the city of Leeds. The underpinning philosophy of IPSI is about supporting and enabling others to experience more fulfilling and psychologically rewarding lives. The name “IPSI” is derived from a combination of the Latin “ipse” for self and the Greek letter “Psi”, often used as a symbol for psychology and psychotherapy. The name IPSI reflects the idea of thinking about yourself and taking a psychological account of your life. 

All therapy and psychotherapy involves the process of reflecting and thinking about yourself in a psychological way. When faced with the routine demands and the business of everyday life, we don’t always have time to stop and consider. Instead we often fall back on set ways of approaching things, shaped by earlier formative experiences which help us respond to day to day situations. These form patterns which provide short-hand guides for ways of thinking, feeling, speaking or acting in the world. These patterns cover every aspect of our personal world, including our relationships, our thoughts, feelings and also importantly our deepest held values and beliefs. People often seek help when these personal patterns or strategies become less helpful or self-limiting.

IPSI aims to work with people to make tangible changes in their lives through the process of psychological therapy. Therapy both builds on existing personal strengths and resources of individuals but also looks at ways to encourage personal development and growth. Importance is placed both on understanding and talking about issues, but also this leading to practical changes. Clients are encouraged to think about how they can apply things into their day to day life to establish new and more helpful patterns.  

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