The Journey to Relaxation from Stress 

Life can be stressful, and some people need extra self-care to step out of their stress. Stress is the bodies’ physiological and psychological response to when the demands on us outweigh our perceived capacity to meet these. Stress can come from many sources: work, studies, family, friends, romantic relationships, physical health and much more. Some people say a stressful environment helps them to meet important deadlines and get work done, but others feel stressful environments make them work less efficiently.

While it is normal to feel stressed or overworked at times, it is not something you want to experience all the time (obviously). Stress can be good in small amounts and not too often, but if it is not, this can lead to some negative consequences. To put it briefly, chronic stress can cause mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and physical problems like heart disease and high blood pressure. Sometimes people can use destructive or unhelpful ways of coping, such as substance misuse, gambling and promiscuity. To help avoid this, you should change your path from one of stress to one of relaxation. Some ways to do this may be:-

  • Cook yourself a “comfort meal”
  • Read your favourite book
  • Watch a good film or TV programme
  • Listen to calming music
  • Meditation
  • A bath
  • Walk your dog
  • Talk to a friend

Not all these suggestions will be effective for everyone or may be only helpful briefly. This is because everyone is unique and so they do not deal with things in the same ways. For anyone who experiences overwhelming stress for an extended period, you can approach your GP to discuss your needs and find out what help is available. Do not suffer in silence. It’s important to know that you are not alone, and that support is available. Here are some support groups/helplines that may be helpful:

Samaritans available 24 hours a day 

Call 116 123 or email

Anxiety UK

Text 07537 416905

CALM (Men aged 15-35)

Call 0800 58 58 58

Abbie Young

Psychology Student

Part of the 2020 Mentoring Scheme in collaboration with New College Pontefract

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