The Importance of Routine

Many of us will have a daily routine, one that we stick to every single day. Most of us will get up to an alarm at the same time every morning, brush our teeth, get […]

Connecting with Friends and Family

We are very social beings and we seek company right from the very moment of our birth. Loneliness and social isolation is believed to be one of the most difficult and painful feelings we can […]

The Power Of Silence

Although its value has long been appreciated, silence has fallen out of fashion. Many spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism and Quakerism, have long been recognised it’s value as a way of grounding ourselves and connecting […]

Welcome To Ipsi

This blog hopes to give you more information about IPSI, an independent Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy practice based in the city of Leeds. The underpinning philosophy of IPSI is about supporting and enabling others to […]

Acts of Kindness

Kindness comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for kin, meaning how we connect with other people to form relationship bonds. Through the acts of offering and receiving, kindness is the glue that helps people connect and […]

Looking After The Body

January is often a good time to pay attention to our body and give it some TLC. During the winter months, staying active or taking regular exercise can be more of a challenge due to […]

Practice Habits of Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude is often thought of as the positive emotional response to “gifts” in our lives, such as from others, nature or something else outside ourselves (for those spiritually minded). Usually we often think of a […]

More Ideas on Looking After The Body – Stress

  Stress is the bodies’ physiological and psychological response to when the demands on us outweigh our perceived capacity to meet these. It is closely linked with high work load or feeling over burdened by […]